Layer 3 Switches

AgniGate Layer 3 routing switches represent a cutting-edge solution for modern networking needs, boasting high-performance capabilities and a versatile feature set. These switches are designed to meet the demands of enterprise, Wi-Fi 6 Access and Wi-Fi 6 AX Access, Metro, NAS, and HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) networks, offering robust support for Layer 3 functionality.

At the heart of the AgniGate switches is AGNIOS, a sophisticated operating system engineered to optimize network performance and deliver comprehensive Layer 3 support. This includes advanced routing capabilities essential for efficiently managing data traffic across complex networks.

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With a compact 1U form factor, AgniGate switches are space-efficient while still providing a multitude of connectivity options. The inclusion of 2.5G ports, 10G SFP+ ports and 10G/100G ports ensures high-speed data transfer rates, ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications and demanding network environments. Furthermore, AgniGate switches are built from the ground up with a combination of advanced hardware and software technologies. This synergy results in a powerful networking solution capable of meeting the requirements of today's data-driven enterprises. Whether it's optimizing network performance, enhancing scalability, or facilitating seamless data transmission, AgniGate Layer 3 routing switches offer a reliable and feature-rich solution for organizations seeking to upgrade their networking infrastructure.

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AgniGate Series routing switches, which are designed based on next generation Ethernet Switching chip. The Carrier Grade high-performance chip which help the Series to meet the requirement of Metro/Enterprise/Data Center/HCI networks.

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System Design

Intelligent FAN adjustment and real-time power consumption monitoring technology are provided for the cost of maintenance redundancy and help to build a green and energy saving networks.

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Customized Profile

The Flexible Table Management (FTM) technology offers multiple table size configuration profiles as optimized choices for different network scenarios. Support up to 112K * MAC address tables. Support up to 56K * IP routing tables.


Intelligent Ethernet

With the IEEE802.1ag and ITU-T Y.1731 end-to-end OAM, Ethernet service providers can monitor the services, survey the end-to end performance and ensure the service quality match the agreement.